Baked Southwest Chicken
#Baked #Southwest #Chicken

#Baked #Southwest #Chicken #crockpotrecipes #chickenbreastrecipes #easychickenrecipes #souprecipes

This Southwest Chicken is quick, easy to make, and LOADED with delicious flavors.  Perfect for when you need a quick and easy dinner, this hearty meal is filled with tender chicken, southwest seasonings, black beans, corn, zesty green chiles, tangy cilantro and of course plenty of flavorful colby jack cheese! Since it is made all in one dish, it comes together fast and makes for easy clean up too!

Being born and raised in Texas has always played a large part in shaping the flavors that I love to cook with.  Growing up I really took for granted the ability to get these flavors on nearly every corner in any shape or form I was craving, but being a military family, we left Texas when we were just out of college and haven’t had the luck to get to live there again yet.

This recipe is one that I have had brewing for quite some time.  It takes all of the flavors we grew up with and learned to love as we were learning to walk, and transforms them into a simple easy to make dinner that you will want to come back to time and time again!

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