Mustard Chicken Marinade
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My husband Paul brought home a large pack of split chicken breasts the other day.  I take large packages of chicken, beef or pork and break them down into what we’ll use for dinners and freeze them. However, I kept a couple of chicken breasts out to try this marinade. I deboned the split breasts so I would have boneless breasts to marinate and grill.

My thinking was, grill them and use them for dinner and lunches for the next couple of days.  Grilled chicken is so good in salads and sandwiches during the hot summer months, and mustard chicken marinade is perfect for this.

I don’t wait for Spring and Summer to make Mustard Chicken Marinade. During the winter months, I grill my marinaded chicken on a cast iron grill pan on the stove. It’s just as delicious as making it on the outdoor gas grill.

I loved the marinade! The flavor is absolutely delicious. Just remember, the longer you marinade the chicken the more tender and flavorful it will be. The ingredients aren’t fancy which is another great reason to try it. You’ve probably got everything you need in your kitchen to make it right now.

Just make sure to use a glass bowl instead of a metal bowl. Mustard Chicken Marinade, another fantastic way to make tender delicious chicken on the grill!  Enjoy!

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