Salsa Fresca Chicken
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This Salsa Fresca Chicken makes an unbelievably delicious meal full of fresh flavors.  The tender chicken is seasoned with spices, then smothered in freshly made salsa and baked with rich cheese over top, for dinner that is equally wholesome and Tasty.

Since it only has a few simple ingredients and is all baked in one dish, you can have Salsa Fresca Chicken prepped and to the oven in as little as 15 minutes!  This recipe is delicious, healthy and a crowd pleaser, so it is perfect for both an everyday family dinner or for entertaining.

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Salsa Fresca Chicken Bake Recipe

Growing up in Texas I have that deep rooted love of Tex-mex cuisine pretty much running through my blood.  If it is wrapped in a tortilla, covered in cheese or doused in salsa, chances are it is something I am dreaming of eating 98% of the time.  Tex-mex doesn’t tend to be the lightest or healthiest cuisine, but this Salsa Fresca Chicken changes all that.

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